Modern Marketing & Commerce Rebrands as linqd.: Embracing Purposeful Connections in the Digital Age

ENDICOTT, New York — In a strategic move reflecting the evolving landscape of the building products industry, Modern Marketing & Commerce proudly unveils its transformative rebrand as linqd.. This comprehensive overhaul encompasses a new name, brand identity, and an expanded commitment to technology and product development in a move to enhance its data and technology-first position in the market.

“The center of linqd.’s approach lies in the fusion of people, data, and technology. This synergy creates an unbreakable link, propelling clients toward their acquisition goals with unparalleled efficiency via the Supersystem. Driving product sales through the channel, to the trade pro, to the homeowner.”- Stephanie Miller, Chief Revenue Officer

The rebrand aligns with the industry’s dynamic changes and increasing digital demands. linqd. not only signifies a change in name but encapsulates refining touchpoints in the customer journey, fostering purposeful connections, and driving impactful acquisition and sales strategies, ensuring easier decision-making.

“At its core, linqd. is a technology company that enables sales and marketing, driving customers to the Next Best Action. This rebranding signals a pivotal moment for the company, positioning linqd. as a forward-thinking leader ready to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the modern digital landscape.”- Ray Barnard, Group President.

About linqd.- Since its inception in 1986, linqd. (formerly Modern Marketing & Commerce), aimed to revolutionize sales and marketing in the building products industry. Today, linqd. stands as a technology-driven company with decades of industry expertise.

Its mission is to embrace a technology-first future, drive clients’ goals, adapt to industry changes, and guide businesses toward a more data-driven and digital future, ensuring each step in the customer journey is a purposeful connection. For further information, please visit