Fueling Your Journeys

The Supersystem works like an optimized machine, combining human intelligence, proprietary data, and a robust tech stack to power your customer journeys.

This is where strategy meets actionable data.

People, Data, Tech

We use the power of human intelligence to understand your business, then craft and activate brand and product value propositions, creating results-driven omnichannel campaigns based on your unique needs.

We use our building industry expertise to deliver on your biggest challenges and adapt to create new opportunities.

DPro is a powerful, AI-enabled database that unites trade Pro data from across the industry and presents it through an intuitive visual dashboard. DPro is the engine that fuels linqd.’s omnichannel campaigns and also offers a subscription-based service which gives you access to high-quality aggregate trade Pro data all in one place. Actionable data and impactful journey-based omnichannel campaigns are just a click away.

Our industry-leading marketing tech stack seamlessly integrates top-tier software into a proprietary building-savvy tapestry, propelling your most crucial strategies and customer journeys forward.

The Blueprint