We Have the Pro Data You Need

Access to reliable and accurate customer data is crucial for getting a leg up on your competition and hitting those lofty ROI goals, especially in the building industry.   

You need a partner that understands the building industry’s unique needs and will help you unlock your data’s full potential. 

  • Our DPro database is one of the industry’s largest repositories of high-quality trade Pro contact and company data. 
  • DPro is a predictive, AI-driven database that uses machine learning Next Best Action Models to deliver real-time actions, engagement scored trade Pro data, and personalized segments. 

Our building industry savvy team knows how to activate your data.

We combine human intelligence, algorithms, and technology to augment and activate your data through the omnichannel driving your leads to the sign up or the sale. 

  • linqd. employs an industry leading analytics team. 
  • Our process starts with analyzing and augmenting your customer data and building a segmentation strategy leading to personalized persona targets.  
  • We use a combination of your data, our data, and look-a-like data to build a personalized and curated audience for each of your strategies.  
  • The audience data continually gets smarter as it runs through the omnichannel, allowing for continued optimization of your campaigns. 

Master Data Management, Simplified

linqd. applies and continually monitors industry compliance standards and management practices. 

Data Governance

Our data governance policies involve defining data ownership, data stewardship, and data quality standards, ensuring that there are always clear guidelines for data handling.   

Data Quality Management

We continuously monitor data quality, so what we use in your campaigns is high-quality and always reliable. Data cleansing, validation, and enrichment processes guarantee that it’s error and duplicate-free.  

Data Integration

We source data across the industry and integrate it into a single, comprehensive data source so that what you see is a unified view of the data and accurate trends. 

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