No matter the size of a brand, even giants can have those elusive blind spots in their marketing strategy. These are the places where coveted audiences seem to hide, just out of reach, waiting to be engaged. And for some building supply manufacturers, these elusive audiences are the ones who could make all the difference, the ones most likely to answer the call to action. 

In this case study, we’re going to dive into the world of a leading lighting products manufacturer, facing this exact challenge.  

In today’s complex landscape, reaching the right designers isn’t as simple as mailing a couple of flyers and crossing your fingers for luck. It demands a digital strategy with finesse, a strategy forged through experience and innovation. And that’s exactly why they turned to linqd. – to illuminate the path ahead. 

Finding the dark corners. 

In the world of lighting manufacturing, many prefer to take the indirect route, relying on independent distribution partners to sell their products. However, for this lighting products manufacturer, a new dawn arrived with a direct-buy program for designers. 

While this would be a dream come true for a lot of design Pros, the challenge lay in figuring out how and where to reach this audience.  

Their challenge was twofold: first, how to spread the word about their groundbreaking program, and second, how to ignite the spark of excitement and engagement among those Pros who had traditionally bought their products through independent distributors. 

Flipping the light switch

Instead of taking a costly gamble with their marketing budget, they made a smart move by entrusting linqd. to craft a winning strategy that guaranteed results. 

Our approach was as dynamic as it was effective. We engineered an omnichannel campaign designed to not just attract attention but to drive active enrollment. We didn’t leave anything to chance. 

We developed an omnichannel campaign to drive enrollment and used direct outreach to drive program participation and sales. By using highly targeted digital ads, paid social, email, direct mail, and voice outreach channels, we generated new designer leads and enrolled them in the program.  

It didn’t take long for many of those new members to become first-time purchasers, with many buying multiple times.  

A glowing success. 

This lighting products manufacturer didn’t just stop at converting newcomers into first-time buyers; they soared past their initial goals for program membership improvement. 

With linqd. as their guiding light, they achieved nothing short of extraordinary. Membership rates didn’t just increase; they tripled, marking a remarkable 68% boost in designer signups. This ignited a chain reaction of success, resulting in a 43% surge in new member purchases and a 54% leap in repeat purchases from these new members. 

At the start of the campaign, a mere 1,180 customers belonged to the program. But by the campaign’s finale, that number had expanded to an impressive 3,319

These results show that with a great vision and enough versatility to think outside the box, you can blow past your goals and into the realm of limitless achievement. 

The Stats

boost in new members
increase in new member purchases
leap in new member repeat purchases