Manufacturers face a unique challenge today. Not only are they working hard to attract the consumer audience, but they are also fighting tooth and nail to attract the coveted, but small, pool of trade professionals, or Pros. 

The pool is small, but competitors are cramming in, fighting for the same sales and the same ROI (return on investment). How can manufacturers stand out and enhance trade engagement when the market is so saturated?  

Here, we are highlighting the experience of an electrical and digital building infrastructure manufacturer that was facing this exact challenge, and how we helped them enhance trade engagement and finally make those engagements purposeful connections. 

Lagging sales, less engagement. 

Being a well-known manufacturer in the electrical space, this business never really faced a lot of challenges when it came to engaging their Pros in a meaningful way. Things are changing, however, as the new, digital-first Pros take the place of industry veterans who are retiring.  

In addition to this challenge, was the question: How can they increase sales and engagement with prized distributors as well? 

This was not a unique challenge in the industry, but certainly one that was becoming more prevalent over time, as more competitors entered the market. This is when they made the decision to let linqd. light the way forward for them. 

The right channels at the right time. 

Achieving success in today’s market means knowing when to push on a particular channel or pull back on others. It’s about understanding the best places to reach your ideal audience and putting your energy there instead of following the latest digital marketing fads, or tips and tricks.  

This is something that linqd. has a particular understanding of.  

After reviewing their goals and diving into our Pro data, we were able to determine that the best places to reach this manufacturer’s prioritized audiences were via email, direct mail, and voice outreach channels.  

We understood that it wasn’t only about the channels, it was also about the content. Over this campaign, we featured product usage applications and cross-sell/up-sell strategies. We also crafted video product training webinars to help their audience learn about newer products that they may not have used before. 

Positive outcomes. 

In the end, this electrical manufacturer soared past their engagement and re-engagement goals. They experienced a 91% target response, 55% order increase per month, 52,000 customer engagements, and a 6% increase in the number of distributors that were ordering from them.  

By trusting linqd. with their most urgent sales and marketing challenges, they were able to light the spark of reengagement to a brighter future.  

The Stats

order increase per month
customer engagements
target response