Taking a close look at the customer journey and updating it to match today’s demands probably isn’t too high on many marketers’ to do lists.

But it should be.

Your customer journey affects everything. Especially sales. What happens when engagement is down and what used to be a homerun just isn’t working anymore?

This is precisely what happened to a maintenance supply retailer. Let’s dive into how linqd. helped them market to their toughest audience and drove record growth.

New Engagement Preferences

A lot has changed in the last few years. There have been innovations at nearly every touchpoint of the customer journey: from new social media channels to the way that people prefer to engage with their favorite retailers.

This couldn’t be truer than in the multi-family housing space. Decision makers are grappling with new codes to follow, ensuring that residents are paying their dues on time, the daily grind of listening to complaints, and the need to keep their buildings up to date.

For retailers that are targeting this audience, they are feeling just how difficult it can be to truly engage this elusive audience. For this multi-family housing retailer, their outside sales team was doing their best, but they needed support.

They needed a modern solution to a modern problem. This is when they decided to partner with linqd.

Creating Structure

When it’s time to recreate and implement a modern customer journey, strategy based on data plays a key role. When this retailer approached linqd, they needed to implement an entirely new marketing strategy to reach their toughest audience but weren’t sure how to map it out.

Working in collaboration with their sales team, we were able to map the entire customer journey from start to finish and identify key touchpoints that could lead to sales conversion. We then utilized an omnichannel approach that included voice, web, email, and direct mail to engage their hardest to reach audiences.

The Results.

Sales performance far exceeded their expectations and is still growing. linqd. generated sales from dormant accounts while also increasing wallet-share with active customers. In the end, this maintenance supply retailer saw over $269M+ in sales growth.