In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, products manufacturers often find themselves grappling with a common conundrum: the struggle to ignite demand and boost sales down the sales channel. 

This dilemma often stems from a heavy reliance on independent distributor partners, which, unfortunately, leaves manufacturers in the dark about the identities of their consumers. This creates more challenges as manufacturers are unable to effectively create awareness and demand at each step of the channel. 

A leading HVAC manufacturer faced precisely this challenge and sought our expertise to illuminate their path forward. In a span of two years, we embarked on a journey to expand their network of contractor relationships, extending their reach far and wide.   

Trusted Partners.

Back in 2008, a large HVAC manufacturer approached us to help them drive sales and demand through their company-owned distribution locations. Their goal was to engage audiences that their field service teams couldn’t reach.  

This program was a resounding success, driving them to continue partnering with us over the years, throughout their various sales and marketing challenges.  

Fast forward nearly two decades and this HVAC company wanted to point our efforts toward their independent distribution channel, hoping for the same benefits.  

Modern Challenges.

Their challenge wasn’t unique to the industry. Manufacturers often have extremely limited data access and a direct line of sight into Trade Pros due to multi-step layers in channels (B2B2C). For this leading HVAC distributor, the problem was exacerbated because their distributor sells and partners with multiple brands. 

This led to an inability to effectively create brand awareness and demand at each step of their customer journey, leading to insufficient distribution across markets.  

It didn’t take them long to realize that they didn’t have the sales and marketing resources to rectify the issue throughout the funnel. The problem only got worse as they moved toward the bottom of the funnel.  

They had to do something, and quickly. 

Modern Solutions.

linqd. used the distributor’s customer data to create and implement a comprehensive omnichannel strategy aimed at reinforcing manufacturer demand and sales through independent distribution channels.  

This involved harnessing the distributor’s active customer data for segmentation, with a particular focus on stimulating demand for the manufacturer’s products. The strategy also used the deployment of omnichannel campaigns to raise brand awareness throughout the distribution network.  

We also offered essential sales and marketing support on behalf of the manufacturer in regions where coverage was mostly reliant on their independent distribution partner. This integrated approach not only refined the manufacturer’s reach and sales but also fostered a mutually beneficial relationship within the distribution ecosystem. 

The Finish Line.

In the end, linqd.’s approach yielded impressive results by driving demand for their product and fostering brand awareness within independent distribution channels. With us at the helm, this leading HVAC manufacturer expanded its supported distributor locations to over 170, established fruitful relationships with over 125,000 contractors, and consistently achieved a remarkable 95% reach every 90 days (about three months). 

During this journey, they experienced notable sales growth of more than 31% and a commendable volume increase of over 5%. These achievements contributed to a higher percentage of total sales and volume, demonstrating the successful collaboration between our teams and the promising possibilities that lie ahead. 

The Stats

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contractor relationships
reach every 90 days